OHIP Medical Billing Services

We deliver expert quality with the utmost standards of care, delivering the highest profitable returns.

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Caring for physician clients since 2012

For more than 6 years we have been accurately processing thousands of OHIP claims involving more than a million dollars.

High Success Ratio

Proven record of increasing our clients’ billing revenue.


Fulltime expert services with a stellar consistency track record.


You can trust us while we even contact your patients on your behalf.
More than 1 million dollars

billed & collected successfully
for our physicians

Years in business

Entries processed



We increase Quick and Profitable Revenue for You

Through the eyes of a fulltime expert agent, involved in your care and a proven system of operations, we constantly have pulse over your billings. We swiftly identify errors and address them with our clients promptly to optimize your revenue.

The Power of a Human Process

Since 2012, we have cared for physician clients who have stayed with us because of our highest quality of service and consistently high returns. This success is based on our process. Fully-automated processes are prone to errors. Our process is not based entirely on automation.

We Work Relentlessly to Maximize your Revenue

Our mission is to put you first in working hard to secure all the claims you submit. We are vigilant in every claim for any errors and processing through a skilled agent.

Many Satisfied Customers

“I’ve been with OMB since 2012. Very satisfied with their high quality and exemplary service at all levels. They surely saved me tons of valuable time. My claims are paid on time, accurately and with no headaches.
Highly recommended!”
Dr. Alfred

M.D., FRCPC, Psychiatry

“High praise for a job well done. Having a human to work with, rather than a fully-automated process, is making all the difference for me. 
Ask for Lavanya!”

Dr. Antony, M.D., FRCPC

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